Blanche Carroll

Blanche Carroll

Executive Assistant

BS, Business Administration, Eastern Nazarene College

Forma Therapeutics
Agios Pharmaceuticals
Fidelity Investments
Raytheon Company

Blanche’s Flare characteristics: Collaboration and curiosity

Blanche brings years of experience supporting executives as well as multiple other functions within biotech and other corporate environments. She is excited to learn about the ever-changing needs of an early-stage company. A lifelong learner, Blanche hopes to grow alongside Flare.

In her downtime, Blanche loves traveling internationally, meeting new people, and trying new foods. She has three adult children—her biggest accomplishments—and two dogs named “Larry David” and “Mac.”

What sparked you to join Flare?

The enthusiasm of everyone I initially spoke with was a huge draw for me. The exciting journey ahead is what fuels the team at Flare.

What makes you excited to 'Bring It' every day at work?

Getting to see the amazing science happening at Flare. It's a true honor to see (and be) part of the passion!


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