Trailblazing the path to drugging transcription factors by leveraging our discovery engine which integrates genetic, biochemical, and chemical insights to reveal druggable pockets in key conformational regions of TFs in order to identify small molecule ligands capable of modulating TFs of high therapeutic potential.



To date, the collective research on transcription factors has been elusive to drug discovery. However, Flare Therapeutics has now reached a moment of light – with the prospect of forever changing the trajectory of how we treat disease.



Flare Therapeutics’ pipeline is Initially focused on precision oncology.

Our small molecules are designed to regain transcriptional control that is hijacked by cancer.




Intensity, empathy, determination, and brilliance. The Flare Therapeutics team is a living, growing, thriving organization of talented people and bright minds. We are always looking for new sparks to flame our collective fire. Learn more about our culture and join us!

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Flare Therapeutics to Present at Goldman Sachs 45th Annual Global Healthcare Conference

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