Alex Rossi

Alex Rossi

Principal Research Associate, Biology

B.S. in Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology - Arizona State University

Phoenix Children's Hospital
Barrow Neurological Institute

With several years of experience in oncology research, Alex has mainly focused on the intersection of transcriptional regulation and epigenetic reprogramming in various cancers, and how these processes pose opportunities for therapeutic intervention. After graduating, he honed a diverse skillset in a variety of epigenetic mapping techniques. In his previous roles, Alex successfully internalized and built novel chromatin-mapping techniques that provided impactful insights into a variety of preclinical projects. He is excited to do the same at Flare!

When away from the lab, Alex enjoys spending time outdoors – kayaking, running, and hiking. He is a novice guitarist, and hopes to one day be at least moderately proficient!

What makes you excited to 'Bring It' every day at work?

I've witnessed firsthand the limitations in current therapies watching my own brother go through a bone marrow transplant. That experience has stayed with me for the past 13 years, and drives me to deliver impactful insights for the benefit of patients all around the world.

What sparked you to join Flare

I was immediately struck by the potential to drug transcription factors. After reading Flare's foundational scientific publications, I became excited to have the opportunity to work on this groundbreaking and cutting-edge science.


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